Circumscribing the Ambience


"Circumscribing the Ambience" explores the evolution and merge of technologies through the process of visualizing non-visual elements of weather.  To do this, I constructed a micro weather station that collected data on the wind speed, temperature, and sound in a specific outdoor location.  The data collected from the micro weather station's sensors were translated into X and Y coordinates.  These coordinates were then plotted using a CNC plotter I designed and built titled, "M.I.S.T. Meteorological Interpretation Scribing Terminal."  The final prints created by M.I.S.T. were called "meteorological monotypes.

This exhibition also includes five balsa wood models models of ficticious late 19th century weather data collection equipment and their accompanying cyanotype blueprints.  An image was inserted through digital manipulation nto a found photograph relavent to the time period and reprinted as a carbon transfer print.